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If you want to look and stay healthy at all ages then there are few things that you should take care so that you can really look much better and good than what you imagine. Here are some very simple things which you can do daily for ensuring better health.

Eating Healthy Diet

It is necessary for you to eat something very close to the natural foods diet. It is something that has got so many kinds of fresh fruits and veggies as well as fewer processed foods. Eating whole grains and also foods with higher fiber can choose leaner poultry, fish and cuts of meat. It is good to include diary product with lower fat in the diet and as per your age, you should need something that is between 800 to 1500 milligrams for the calcium daily for helping to avoid osteoporosis. It is good for avoiding foods as well as beverages which has got higher amount of fat, salt, sugar and calories in it. If you are eating healthy, then you can get help in maintaining proper weight for the height that you have which is very much important as overweight can lead to so many ailments. Try to find out some healthy snack so that things can workout well. It is good for trying with something like lower fat yogurt, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, carrots and celery for including as your diet.


Heart disease has turn out to be major thing that can lead to death and is found mainly among the women in US. Doing plenty of the exercise can easily help you in keeping the heart healthy. You should be exercising at least about 30 minutes in a day and at least 5 days of a week. Aerobic exercises are very good for the health of women and can be very much beneficial to the heart in particular.Cardio is something that can do wonders to your exercise routine. It is good that you try injecting some intervals so that you may actually get the result that you want. Cardio can be of greater help in boosting the metabolism. It is good that you do some intense workout and then take a break where you actually need to breathe hard. If you walk then try to jog in every 5 minutes to about 30 seconds. You can increase the time frame of jogging gradually as you keep on becoming fit.

Avoiding Risky Habits

It is good for staying away from the cigarettes and the ones who are smoking. Using drugs is also a bad habit that you should stay away from. Drinking alcohol is fine if you can drink that in moderation and have control on yourself. It is safe to have one drink in a day. A drink means 14 grams of alcohol which is equivalent to about 12 ounces of the beer and 5 ounces of the wine. If it is hard liquor then you can consume only 1.5 ounces.

Managing Stress

In any part of the life, the amount of stress that women take is always so much huge. It is necessary to spare sometime everyday so that you can deal with this pressure in much better way. You can do things like yoga, meditation or can engage in something that keeps you stress free like listening to music or getting engaged in your favorite hobby.

Dealing with Sun

Getting so much exposed to harmful rays of sun can lead to skin cancer that can really be deadly. For protecting your skin from the issues of skin cancer, you should be making use of sunscreen that comes with SPF 15 minimum if you are staying outside for long time. If you are finding any notable changes in the skin, it is better for you to get consulted to a doctor.

Checking for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has become very common in women that it is necessary for women to actually take care of that in such a way that you understand that in the beginning stages. You should report any changes that you feel with breast to the doctor. Women at the age of 40s are expected to go through mammogram once in a year so that any signs of breast cancer can be easily detected.

Thinking About Fertility

Fertility is something that women should be concerned about. It is good if women are really sparing sometime in this aspect so that they can get very good ways to take care of these aspects and get child at the age when they are planning to have one. Someone many not have any issues but for others, it may be different and so you should be really focusing on it well.


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