Characteristics of Heavy Duty Zippers

zipper shipper

What are some of the characteristics of heavy duty zippers that make them hardy? What are these zippers meant for? Why are they known as heavy duty zippers in the first place? Well, the heavy-duty zippers are meant of clothing items such as coats, canvas, heavy jackets, and sleeping bags and so on.

One of the characteristics of heavy duty zippers is that they are made for applications that require extra strength. As such, all clothing items that are meant for outdoor use are supposed to have heavy duty zippers.

Are you a company that deals with construction work? Well, your construction workers will require jackets that use the heavy duty zippers. For the rugged jackets, extra heavy zippers are required.

For this reason, when you are buying zippers or replacement zippers, you need to specify the use of the zippers so that you can get the heavy duty ones for this purpose. The heavy-duty zippers also come in many forms. If you require seperating zippers, all you have to do is make this specification in your order.

One of the things that make heavy-duty zippers hardy is that they come with metal teeth made from materials such as brass, nickel, aluminum and such. They also come in the molded plastic material.


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