How to Have Beautiful Hair


How many times have we seen shampoo commercials and hoped to have hair like the models?  But is it really possible to have hair like that?

Most women say that their hair is their crown and glory.  But hair does not always come in a perfect mane; we have different hair textures and hair types.  Women with curly hair are trying to straighten it with different agents and iron.  It can cause more damage than we know.
What are the remedies for common hair problems like dry, oily and thinning hair?  Do we really need chemicals to keep our hair healthy?

Reasons for Hair Damage:

We use many different kinds of treatments that would supposedly make our hair healthy.  But is this really making our hair healthier every time we use it, or are there other factors affecting or leading to hair damage?

Caffeine – anything taken in excess can definitely render bad effects.  Excess intake of caffeine can lead to headaches and trembling hands, and unfortunately also has bad effects to your hair.  The first hair loss remedies were developed against high blood pressure.  Caffeine can also be consumed from sodas, which has high sugar content.

Diet – a diet without or having low consumption of fruits and vegetables is also attributed to slow hair growth.  Vitamin B is important in growing healthy hair. The primary food source of this vitamin would be beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, soybeans, bran, nuts and eggs.  Therefore it is important to have a healthy diet in order to have healthy hair.

Lack of sleep – studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalance which can be associated to hair loss.  Both stress and fatigue can also result in hair damage.

Poor hygiene – not washing your hair is not the only problem linked to hair loss and damaged hair.  Too much washing is also a contributing factor.  If hair gets shampooed everyday if will go dry and lifeless because the natural oil present in the hair is lost.  The other side would be that without enough shampoo, the hair can look frizzy and greasy.

Sun damage – without proper sun protection the hair can dry out making it brittle and easy to break.

Frequent change of hair styles – frequent curling and then using hair straighteners to iron the curls out weakens the hair making it very easy to break.

Hair products – not all hair products are good for the hair.  This is the reason why it is important to check the labels to make sure that the shampoos do not contain agents that would dry out the hair.

Hair Damages and Remedies

Dry hair – do not overdo with shampoo because it is one of the primary reasons why hair becomes dry and brittle.  Some experts recommend a hot oil treatment to treat dry hair.   Actually, the 100 brush strokes myth just make the hair more fragile. To stimulate your oil glands for the natural oil to be released, massage your scalp.   Hair treatments should not be done continuously.  You don’t have to stop using or getting hair treatments, you just have to make sure that there is enough time between them.

Oily hair – is not the result of an oily scalp.  The oil glands in the scalp are pushed to produce more oil because the scalp is dry. To treat oily hair, it is important to treat the dry scalp first.

Use a mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo.  Avoid using it on the scalp, concentrate on the hair so that the excess oil will be washed away.  Washing oily hair with cool or lukewarm water is advisable.  Make sure to wash it thoroughly because reside from soap or shampoo will make oily hair worse. Also use less conditioner since this will add to the oil already in the hair.

Thinning Hair- this is a very common hair damage. There is an estimate of more than 60 million Americans suffering from hair loss.  Genetics and diet can be contributing factors to hair loss.  Shampoos can also have some effect on hair thinning.

To address issues of hair loss, there are some drugs which can be directly applied to the scalp that may encourage the growth of hair.  There are other treatments such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and hair transplant.


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