10 Best Yoga Tips

yoga tips

Yoga is the medium through which an individual can connect their inner consciousness with the universal consciousness or spirit. Yoga teaches you the way to live a blissful and healthy life. It not only makes your body healthy, but also makes you spiritually and mentally strong. It calms the mind and provides you with inner peace. Inner peace is a wealth which we value only in the later stages of our life.

Yoga can be done by anybody. A section of Yoga ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayams’ are easy to follow and perform. But the rest of the yoga exercises have to be performed under supervision. Yoga requires breathe control. Here are the best tips to practice a safe and spiritually sound yoga:-

1) Choose the perfect time

Yoga, when performed in the morning, is considered the best. But, in today’s busy lifestyle, it is not possible for everyone to wake up and practice yoga in the morning. So, one can choose their own convenient time slot but should stick by it. May it be in late mornings or in the evening, choose a time slot that suits you.

2) Choose a comfortable place

Place for practicing yoga is of utter importance. It can be a room inside your house or a place by your pool. Any place which is peaceful and where you can roll out your yoga mat is enough. Just ensure that your yoga place is well cleaned, well ventilated and free from sharp furniture or cluttering materials.

3) Practice on an empty stomach

Yoga poses are best performed on an empty stomach. The stretches can be intense so ensure that all your food is digested before you do it. Usually one can do it after 3-4 hours of having lunch.

4) Warm up

There are certain postures which are quite intense. In such cases, it is mandatory to do some warm-up exercises for the related muscles so that they are ready for the actual activity. Always do a warm-up before any intense pose or else you could risk in for a muscle strain.

5) Control on breath

Yoga teaches you how to control your breath while doing the poses. The ‘pranayam’ section teaches you how to focus on your breathing while under stress. This helps in calming the mind under stressful situations and helps in creating a positive vibe.

6) Keep your clothes simple

Always try to wear loose clothes while performing ‘asanas’. Tight clothes might interfere with your natural stretching capability or may cause restricted blood flow if they are too tight. Keep your yoga wear simple and loose so that you can perform with ease and efficiently.

7) Be regular

Yoga demand consistency. Do it religiously on your own chosen slot of time and see its wonderful results. Just after a few days of consistent practicing, it will become habitual.

8) Balance the postures with meditation

It is very important to perform meditation along with the exercises. The exercises make your body strong from the outside. But, the meditation makes your body strong and mind calm from the inside. It helps you to grow spiritually. It helps you to focus on your inner being and thus provides peace to your inner self which in turn reflects in your surroundings.

9) Go gentle

Always remember, yoga is not something to be played with. It is your own body, so be gentle. It is unnecessary to go severely intensive in to yoga postures. Make it a fun activity rather than a strenuous one. Yoga helps you to grow from inside out. Don’t make it some sort of gym class.

10) Focus

The most important tip is focus. Focus on everything, every little detail while you perform any asana or pranayam. With time, you will be able to focus solely on your breath. You would be able to control it with such efficiency that you will be performing yoga for hours and even then won’t be stopping. Your stamina and power will reach their peak.

Yoga is a wonderful and magnificent gift given to us by our forefathers and so, we must use it judiciously for the benefit of ourselves and those around us. Yoga brings a positive ambiance in our surrounding and creates a blissful atmosphere. We must practice it as much as possible and encourage people around us to do it too.


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