10 Helpful Tips To Increase Breast Milk After Pregnancy

how to increase breast milk after pregnancy

There is no joy that can compare to a mother seeing their baby healthy and growing well. Most mothers especially after pregnancy are faced with the fear that they may not be able to produce enough milk for their young ones. You are not the only one out there and there is nothing wrong with your breasts or milk production capacity.

The best way you can be able to tell whether you are producing enough milk for you baby to grow well is to take a close look at the growth curve. An upward rising growth curve is good indication that you are feeding your baby enough, however if the growth curve is not stable do not get alarmed because we are right here to help you improve on your milk production. However, a good diet and a stressful life are the major key to good milk production

This guide will give you some of proven and productive ways that many women have used when they got alarmed that their milk production was not sufficient for their kids

A comprehensive and well balanced diet

Your body needs to be in the right health so that the mammary glands are able to perform well. A balanced diet composed of all the five essential foods will ensure your body is well nourished for the purposes of milk production. Also good diet ensures that the milk you produce has sufficient nutrients for the baby hence preventing them from getting deficiency diseases.

Feed your baby frequently

What most women don’t know especially first time mothers and couples is that the more you feed your child the more the supply of milk production. Milk producing glands will often respond to how often the milk is demanded. The more the demand the more likely that the gland will respond in producing more milk, that is feed you baby whenever he wants and avoid a self-made routine

Avoid baby formulas

The key reason is that the more formula you give to your child the less they will get hungry and the less they will feed. The end result is the demand of milk from your breast will be less and thus the breast end up producing a limited supply

Hydrate as much as possible

By this I mean drink plenty of water. The process of milk production takes up liquids from your body. Less water intake will mean you suffer in terms of constipation or anal fissures. With the body dehydrated you will also make less milk for you baby. So drink as much water as you can, not just for thirst but bearing in mind you baby’s needs.

Ensure you catch enough sleep

Getting quality sleep will ensure you stay relaxed and stress free. The body will thus be able to release enough doses of hormone that trigger milk production. Stress caused as a result of strain my hinder milk triggering hormone from being produced. You can catch some sleep at night or take a nap while your baby is sleeping.

Exercise regularly

Exercise will kick start your body metabolism and keep you away from stress. Your body will be in good shape for milk production, plus it will give advantage of shedding out any excess weight added after your pregnancy keeping you in shape.

Add pumping to you schedule

Pumping will help stimulate milk production. Also it comes with an advantage for working mothers as it allows you to store the milk. The most productive is to practice pumping your breast for an approximate of 15 minutes after some hours.

Undress your baby

Undressing you baby allows for body contact that stimulate hormonal production by the mother the more milk production. Do remember to wrap a blanket over his back to keep away the cold.

Have a nursing vacation

By this I mean having a nap with your bay doing nothing but just feeding him whenever he wants, this way you will be able to monitor you baby’s latching and identify any problems with his feeding behavior thus work on them.

Ask for help

If you are a new mother do not let the worries of poor milk production overburden you as this will further hinder milk production due to stress, instead take time to consult older mother or even in your doctors.

At all costs avoid any drugs or herbs said to boost milk production unless if prescribed by your doctor as per any medically diagnosed condition.


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