Tips To Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home During Travel

bed bug prevention tips


It is great when you can take a break and travel overseas for a short break or having a romantic vacation with your loved ones. However, it is always good to check on the cleanliness of the hotel room that you staying during the vacation.

One of the worst things to ever happen to you at during a hotel stay is to discover that the bed is full of bedbugs! While these little nasty bugs don’t actually cause any disease or illness, they could, in fact, give you a very nasty bite and leave an unattractive rash. They may also aggravate conditions such as asthma and allergies. Learn some simple travel tips to avoid having bedbugs during your hotel stay.

Make sure you pack a torch with you as bedbugs are more visible at night. On arrival at your hotel, you should resist dropping your bag onto your bed to start unpacking. A better idea is to take it into the bathroom, lift it off the floor and place it on a packing rack. If there is no rack in the bathroom, you might even place it in the bath. This will prevent any bedbugs from moving into your luggage to come home with you and infest your home.

Open all drawers and have a look in all the corners. Remove all the sheets from the beds and look for telltale signs such as tiny blood stains and dark, rusty looking spots which are in fact excrement from them. You might also notice that the room has a musty smell. Most bed bugs will be found within 15 feet of the bed so pay attention to whatever is in that area. Even books can be a home for them. You might never see the actual bugs in the day as they do not like the light but you will see these signs of them.

You should request the drawers to be vacuumed, and the sheets changed. Vacuuming will remove the debris and also any new arrivals. Pull the beds away from the walls. They cannot fly but they can crawl up walls and can infest your room from the room next door. Sprinkling talcum powder on mattresses will repel them. Check behind the headboards as this is a favorite place for bugs. Pay attention to any upholstered pieces of furniture and if necessary ask for this to be replaced with chairs which are not made of fabric. If your stay is going to be longer than a week, you should make sure that all the bedding is changed every week.

Keeping your luggage in the bathroom, which is cooler and has fewer food sources, will ensure that your clothes do not become infested and also that your bag will not become a breeding ground for them. You should also remember to hang your clothing up, instead of dropping dresses onto a bed or over a chair. As a woman you should ensure that you are well organized to avoid bed bugs infestation which can be very embarrassing.

If you suspect that they have taken up residence in your suitcase despite all these precautions, then you should ask to have it vacuumed thoroughly before you repack it. You should also give it a good sprinkling of talcum powder before repacking. Likewise, on your arrival back home, do not place your bag on the bed to unpack, but in the bathroom and off the floor. Be sure to vacuum it well before wrapping it is plastic to put away until you use it again. If you suspect your home is infested with bed bugs, it is always good to seek professional help by engaging a pest control expert.

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