What is Meditation?


There are a lot of things that occur in your daily life that you have no control over. Not having control over what could happen to you can make you feel a bit unprotected and unsure, especially about what could potentially happen to you in the future. Fortunately for you, there are certain aspects in your life that you can control that could still have a major effect on the things that should and would happen to you. One of the things that you can manage to control and influence is the state of your mind and your body. One way that you can actually do this is by means of meditation.

Definition Of Meditation

The term meditation is actually taken from the Latin words, meditari, which basically relates to how you exercise your mind, and mederi, which means to restore or heal. In this sense, it can be assumed that meditation is a method of molding your mind, which therefore, will help you influence your state of mind, as well as influence your body’s growth and development.

Although most people would associate meditation with prayer or worship, it is actually geared more towards a person’s level of awareness. Any form of activity or technique that you do that has anything to do with heightening your level of awareness while narrowing down your thought processes into one, it can be considered as a form of meditation. You can simply take deep breaths while relaxing, and that can be considered by some as a form of meditation. It is important to remember that when you do perform any form of meditation, that you are actually organizing your thoughts so that you remain in a calm and organized level of consciousness free of chaos and disarray.

Traditional Type Of Meditation

Meditation, as described through the more traditional forms of meditation exercises, such as yoga, has different levels that can be attained by any person. In order to achieve ‘the true state of meditation’, you must be able to go through these different stages, although there is no need for you to truly master one stage before being able to proceed to the next one.

You basically start out with the necessary meditation preparations, which would involve the proper body posture, the right breathing control and techniques, and your relaxed mental and emotional state. After these preparations, the next stages would involve different levels of concentration and relaxation. Although you don’t necessarily have to perform these stage by stage, you do need to incorporate certain aspects from each stage.

Modern Meditation

In these modern times, a person can already perform meditation by simply applying one of the many stages of meditation as described in the more traditional perspective. Simply simply taking deep breathes and relaxing can already consider that considered as a form of meditation. There are already a lot of meditation techniques being taught and done nowadays, most of which simply teaches one stage of meditation.

Different Types Of Meditation

There are actually a lot of different types of meditations that are being taught today. Some are as simple as simply performing few sitting exercises to help you relax, while others would require you to perform techniques and a certain level of contemplation in order to achieve a meditative state.

Effects Of Meditation

Basically, when a person undergoes certain meditation techniques, he is able to improve his mind’s level of concentration, as well as promulgate a more positive emotional and mental response to all the external factors and influences that are occurring around him. It lest a person feel that he is in control of his body’s ‘energy’, therefore, is in control of how his body heals, develop, grow and function. The more a person feels that he is able to influence his mind and his body, then meditating every once in a while will help him strengthen his will, as well as improve his physical performance and coping mechanisms.

When Should You Meditate?

Although there are no definite times when you should only perform your meditation rituals, there are certain situations that might require you to do them immediately. As long as you feel that you need to get to a relaxed, calm and composed state of mind, then doing your meditation exercises is a must. The more relaxed and composed your mind is, then the better your actual performance would be, simply because you are in a more positive state of mind.


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